Company Overview

    Sun Group formerly known as Mangla Group was founded in 1989 in the bustling industrial state of Rajasthan to manufacture White Minerals of supreme quality. Ever since company sustained efforts towards excellence and innovation and has made it a prominent name in the industrial arena.
    Our exclusive range is specially known for its pure whiteness and free flowing texture. The provided range specially acts as the pollution filter and provides natural buffer effect to the material.

  • 200+ Engineers & Workers
    2 Work Locations in India


    ✅ TALC Powder
    ✅ Calcium Carbonate Powder
    ✅ Dolomite Powder

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    Talc Powder

    Talc, also known as Steatite, is extremely soft, greasy, soapy feel and its valued as a high-temperature lubricant.

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    Calcium Carbonate Powder

    Calcium Carbonate is extremely common and found throughout the world in sedimentary, metamorphic, andigneous rocks.

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    Dolomite Powder

    Dolomite is a common rock-forming mineral. Dolomite stones are very common in the rock record.


    We offer a wide range of Natural White Minerals having diverse applications in various industrial sectors.

    Pure chemicals extracted from nature, are used to improve the physical and chemical properties of plastic products.

    Pigments used by paints and coatings industry comprises white minerals for colour control and cost reduction.

    Extract of white minerals is used to enhance the whiteness of paper while reducing costs by acting as a substitute for fibre and pigments.

    The physical characteristics of rubber, such as resistance and strength is enhanced with natural minerals.

    Ceramic tiles gain their strength and rigidity from industrial chemicals, manufactured from natural minerals

    Natural minerals are widely used in cosmetic industries due to its versatile components by reducing costs.


    The swift development of industries in the national and international markets motivated the promoters to utilize the machinery and equipments of prominent manufacturers in the ultra modern setup of Sun Group. We have favourably used backward integration to have a fully integrated facility from Mining to Micronizing by utilizing the expertise of skilled technicians and trained work force.

    The use of machinery, equipment, skilled and trained staff ensures almost zero loss and no foreign particle obtrusion in our mining and processing production facility. This ensures that only the material of very high purity is passed on to the customers.